Experience the Summer Yearbook workshop at Gettysburg

Choose your Yearbook Track

Pick the track that best suits your staff. We offer a variety of options including: BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED and the GO FOR IT! tracks. Coverage during your track session will include items such as ladder planning, theme development, staff organization, time management, yearbook trends, etc.

Beginner or Intermediate Yearbook Track

New to Yearbook? or just trying to enhance your current book? The Beginner/Intermediate track will help you with cover design, caption and headline writing, as well as yearbook production and deadlines. Beginner is best if you have a brand new staff. Try Intermediate if you just need a refresher on the essentials.

Advanced Yearbook Track

Ready to make BIG changes to improve your current book? The advanced track is geared toward schools that create their book at a competitive level and have an advanced understanding of trending design, captions and writing. If your staff has mastered the fundamentals, or you have a seasoned staff with a competitive edge the Advanced track is the right one for you.


Go for It! Track*

The “Go For It!” Track has an additional cost involved. This sequence is designed specifically for those staffs that are positioned for and aspire to producing the highest levels of journalistically focused yearbooks. Following the guidelines and trends set by the two national press associations, “Go For It!” Advanced sessions will be led by two nationally recognized yearbook authorities whose publications programs have been critically acclaimed. Specialized training that will empower staffs to “kick it up” a notch will be provided by these two instructors.

The cost per staff is $850 to provide this intensive instructional learning and production environment. The Go For It! $850 cost is in addition to the base cost of $350 per student or adviser. Enrollment will be limited to 10 staffs with no more than 8 staff members and one adviser per staff. A staff having more than 9 registrants will be charged $125 per additional attendee. This charge will be added to the original $850 staff charge (i.e. if a staff has nine students the Go For It! fee will be $975 and so on).


Experience More

These extra sessions are available in addition to your base track fee of $350.00

 LIMITED SPACE — Bring your own laptop

An extensive 3 hour Photoshop course! Please make sure to mark “beginner or intermediate” on your registration form for this course. You will leave the class understanding the basic program tools, Photoshop tips & tricks, how to improve your images, adjustment layers, layer masks, etc. Please bring YOUR OWN LAPTOP (you can download a free trial of Photoshop from the Adobe website) and a flash drive with a few pictures of your own to this session. NOTE: There will be both an beginner and advanced Photoshop session so make sure to indicate which you are registering for


 LIMITED SPACE — Bring your own laptop

Innovation, the latest technology and tools to make your yearbook experience amazing. That is what you can expect from YearTech Online 2019. YearTech Online is a convenient, easy way to produce your yearbook without desktop publishing software and the ability to work on the yearbook 24/7 anywhere with Internet access. This YearTech Online Session will teach you the ins and outs of the program. Please make sure to mark “beginner or experienced” on your registration form for this course.

LIMITED SPACE — Bring your own laptop

Are you an InDesign school using Jostens' Monarch page creation process? This course will help you learn where to start and how the process works from page submission to proof corrections to finalizing the book. You will leave this class understanding Jostens tools inside InDesign and what to do from start to finish with your page submissions.