Summer Workshop Registration

PLEASE follow instructions below IN ORDER***

(Or you may have to re-enter all registration information.)

1. Click here to read Workshop Release WAIVER information

(You will be asked to verify your acceptance in the form below.)

2. Decide what track you belong in. Read the descriptions by clicking here.

3. Complete the Registration Form on the next page.

4. PLEASE verify your information before hitting the SUBMIT button!

5. After you hit the submit button depending on how you indicate you are paying, the following will happen:

a. If you are paying by Mail either with a Check or School Purchase Order you will be taken to a page with mailing directions.

b. If you are paying individually with PayPal - using a Credit Card or your PayPal account you will be taken to a payment page.


1. Advisers - If the school is paying for more than 1 attendee (including yourself) by Purchase Order or check, a registration form must be submitted for every student and adviser registrant. Once a person registers, they will receive an e-mail copy of the form they filled out. Print that and send it with your purchase order or check. They will need their emergency and insurance information to register. Click here for Mailing Instructions.

2. Parents/Guardians - If you are paying for more than 1 camper, complete a registration form for each camper. Make payment for each camper and then register the nexgt one. If you want to pay by check click here for Mailing Instructions.

3. This registration screen and PayPal payment screen EACH require that you enter similar information. Enter Registration Information.  * = required fields

After submitting, red highlighted fields or messages indicate incorrect or incomplete entry(ies). Simply correct the info and click SUBMIT again.

PLEASE NOTE: A student must be a member of their school yearbook staff in order to attend the yearbook camp. If you are not an active part of the yearbook staff, we must receive written permission from your school administration in order to process your registration.

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